Seafreight transportations

Seafreight transportations are a vital part of the world economy. A global relations need global standards. That is why our company is focusing to provide comprehensive services to these type of transportations:

  • FCL (Full Container Load) shipments
  • LCL (Lass than container load) shipments
  • oversize, break bulk and other activities requiring special care

Our range of services include the best procedures for each type of goods and for each of your requests, at what every request is detailly studied and organized by import and export department.

Our company belongs to the Universal Freight Organization, which has a branch in almost every country and an important port, which allows us to promptly respond to requests from our customers.

We'll prepare the most suitable transportation solutions and select the corresponding maritime carrier for each of your shipment.

Our experience in the seafreight transportations mean that we can always find both - the best and most cost-effective solution.


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