Airfreight transportations

We provide transportation of your goods by the safest and the fastest way - by airfreight transport. Based on years of experience with prestigious airlines we can offer first class services.

Our airfreight transport products are tailored to your needs and allow you to coordinate the flow of your goods more flexibly and efficiently.

Due to our presence in the Universal Freight Organisation and in cooperation with our partners we can provide door-to-door transportation to nearly every corner of the globe.

We defined three time options, that are set to ensure, that your consignment arrives exactly, when you and your customers are expecting it.

RCS Express
express product for consignments, that can not wait. First class service with first class airlines with transportation time from 1 to 2 calendar days from departure airport to airport of arrival.
RCS Window
option for those shippers, who need to get their shipments to destinations within a specified time window with a first-class airlines, and transportation time of 3 to 4 calendar days, airport-to-airport.
RCS Classic
a consolidation service with less frequent departures during the week and the average transportation time from 5 to 6 calendar days, airport-airport.
RCS Special
is designed to meet the special requirements of customers, who have atypical goods, dangerous goods, perishable goods, valuable goods, animals, oversized goods, negotiate the entire charter aircraft, or need a different, special handling.
RCS and Hand carry
is the fastest and safest way to transport your smaller items. Your shipment is transported by a personal escort courier since the take over, until the hand over to the customer.


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